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Souvenirs to bring back from your Hunan tour

By Dianshi Yuan

October 25

Can’t decide what souvenir to take home? Check out these items.

Can’t decide what souvenir to take home? Check out these items.

Now that your Hunan tour is coming to an end, why not take some souvenirs home to bring back your memories?

1. Xiang embroidery 湘绣

Xiang embroidery
Xiang embroidery [Image Credit:]
Xiang embroidery originates from the Chu Kingdom during the Spring and Warring periods, and is known for its stark black, white and gray colorations and short stitches. It emphasizes on light contrasts that highlights pattern texture to create a three-dimensional effect. Using silk, satin, nylon and colorful threads, Xiang embroidery is inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy and landscapes. We recommend it for home decoration and art collections.

2. Tea 

Junshan Sliver Needle Tea
Junshan Sliver Needle Tea [Image Credit:VCG]
Hunan, typically hot and humid, ranks second only to Zhejiang for tea production. Guzhang Maojian, a specialty in Wuling Mountain, Guzhang County, is a delicate green tea with a light, fruity taste. Hunan dark tea, a fermented tea, smells fragrant and tastes slightly sweet, making it good for infusions. Beside those teas, there are dozens more including Baima Maojian Tea, Fu Brick Tea, Xinhua Menger Tea, Junshan Sliver Needle Tea and Nanyue Yunwu Tea.

3. Western Hunan Batik 湘西蜡染

Batik with Western Hunan elements
Batik with Western Hunan elements [Image Credit: Liu]
Listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, Western Hunan (Xiangxi) Batik is a wax dyeing craft applied to cloth. During dip dyeing, wax is brushed or painted on selected areas of the cloth, and the fabric is dyed using the cracks. Make sure to check it out during your Hunan tour.

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