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Most popular mountains in Hunan province

By Discover China

April 27

Tianmen Mountain, a natural fresco and one of the national forest parks of Zhangjiajie City, is a must see spot in Hunan Province.

Tianmen Mountain, a natural fresco and one of the national forest parks of Zhangjiajie City, is a must see spot in Hunan Province.


No.1 Tianmen Mountain 天门山

[Image Credit: Shao Ying]
[Image Credit: Shao Ying]
Location: Yongding Distric, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province

Tianmen Mountain, a natural fresco and one of the national forest parks of Zhangjiajie City, is the tallest mountain in Yongding District with an altitude of about 1517.9 meters. Besides, it is only about 8 kilometers from the city. Due to its height, Tianmen Mountain seems tall enough to easily reach the sky. Tianmen Cave, a large water-eroded hole between two peaks, resembles a huge doorway in the cliff face or a ‘gateway to Heaven’. As a famous spot within Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park, it attracts numerous X-sport and wing-suit fans each year.Tianmen Mountain also boasts the longest passenger ropeway in the world with a length of 7455 meters. Other famous scenic spots in the area include Guigu gallery road and a transparent glass bridge.

Best time to visit: All seasons in Zhangjiajie are like spring, so visiting can be done at any time. In April and October, the local scenery is particularly amazing.

Entry: 248 yuan/person

No.2 Mang Mountain 莽山

[Image Credit: Su Ren]
[Image Credit: Su Ren]
Location: Yizhang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province

Mang Mountain is a beautiful green garden. By virtue of warm weather, adequate rainfall and an excellent natural environment, nature comes into its element here. It is home to tropical, subtropical, temperate and even a few frigid plants. Hence, MangMountain is rated as the Sipsongpanna of Hunan Province and a veritable tree gallery of south China. Covering an area of 6000 hectares of well-protected virgin forest, Mang Mountain is the largest forest park in Hunan Province (Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park is only 96 square kilometers). Natural scenery and cultural elements here are sheer delights.

Best time to visit: Summer and fall

Entry: 104 yuan/person

No.3 Lang Mountain 崀山

3. 崀山

Location: Xinning Country, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province

Lang Mountain runs from the southwest to northeast and forces the Yellow River to turn form north to east. It is the general name of all mountains and rivers within the area. It includes about 500 well developed scenic spots. A local legend states that the Chinese character 崀was created by Emperor Shun because he marveled at its breathtaking beauty. Lang Mountain also contains features of the Danxia Landform and boasts red glutenite found only here. In 2010, it was declared a World Natural Heritage Site.

Best time to visit: March to October

Entry: 130-180 yuan/person

No.4 Feitian Mountain飞天山

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
Location: Suxian district, Chenzhou, Hunan Province

Feitian Mountain also features a typical Danxia Landform along the scenic Yangtze River. Famous traveler Xu Xiake wrote that the soil here is beautiful and every mountain interesting. Local scenic spots could be compared to those along Li River,  which means Feitian Mountain is also called “little Guilin”.

Best time to visit: March to October

Entry: 40-80 yuan/person

No.5 Shiniuzhai 石牛寨

[File photo:]
[File photo:]
Location: Shiniuzhai town, Pingjiang Country, Hunan Province

Around 10 square kilometers surrounding Shiniuzhai were used by the military in ancient times. Shiniuzhai is a Danxia Landform full of interesting rocks and high mountains. The local scenic spot is famous for its steep incline, and a well protected 2000 meter ancient wall. Accordingly, Shiniu County is called the most beautiful in China. Besides, Shiniuzhai is the only village left of the 48 Ming dynasty Xiangdong villages.

Best time to visit: March to October

Entry: 98 yuan/person

No.6 Yuelu Mountain 岳麓山

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
Location: Yuelu district, Changsha, Hunan Province

Yuelu Mountain is one of the best places to view maple trees in China and forms part of Heng Mountain.In the east stands Yuelu School, one of four famous institutions of the Song dynasty. Behind Yuelu School lies Aiwan Pavilion, also one of four famous equivalents. Yuelu Mountain turns green in spring and becomes cool in summer. Maples here turn red during fall while snow covers every branch in winter.

Beat time to visit: Fall

Entry: Free

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