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China’s tallest buildings

By Yuewei Yang

May 5

No one can truly estimate the efforts of human beings in reaching for the sky.

No one can truly estimate the efforts of human beings in reaching for the sky.

No one can truly estimate the efforts of human beings in reaching for the sky. With the completion of Shanghai Tower, the record for the tallest building in China has been broken again. These are the top 10 skyscrapers across the country.

No.1  Shanghai Center Tower 上海中心大厦  

632 meters

Shanghai Central Tower [Image Credit: Zhou Dongchao]
Shanghai Center Tower stands in Shanghai’s Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone. It is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world. The skyscraper is composed of a 121-floor main tower, a 5-floor podium and 5 levels underground. Visitors can hop on an 18 meters—per-second high-speed elevator and in just 55 seconds find themselves at the observation deck on the 119th floor.

No.2 Ping An International Finance Center 深圳平安大厦

598 meters

Ping An International Finance Center [Image Credit: Xinhua]
Ping An International Finance Center [Image Credit: Xinhua]
Ping An IFC is located in the Futian District of Shenzhen. This tower is the second tallest in China and the fourth in the world. The 115th, 116th and 118th floors are observation decks, where you can get a breathtaking view that will “dwarf the mountains”.

No.3 Taipei 101  台北101大厦

510 meters

Taipei 101 [Image Credit:]
Taipei 101 [Image Credit:]
Located in Taipei’s Xinyi District Taiwan Province of China, the 101-floor Taipei 101 is the 6th tallest building in the world. Taipei 101 boasts to have the world’s fastest elevator, going all the way from the 5th floor to the observation deck on the 89th. This skyscraper is famed for its cutting edge structural stability design. An enormous 660-ton steel ball is suspended between the 88th and 92th floors, in order to balance the building in the event of strong earthquakes. This structure is the world’s largest damper, as well as the only large-scale damper open to visitors from the public.

No.4 International Commerce Centre 香港国际金融中心

484 meters

International Commerce Centre [Image Credit:]
 The International Commerce Centre is located in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. With 118 floors, it is Hong Kong’s tallest building and ranks 7th in the world. On the very top floors of the tower sits the world’s highest hotel (The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong). And the 100th floor is a public observation deck that offers a generous view of the Victoria Harbor.

No. 5 Zifeng Tower, Nanjing 南京紫峰大厦

449 meters

Zifeng Tower [Image Credit:]
 The world’s 9th tallest building is the Zifeng Tower in the Gulou District of Nanjing. With 89 floors above ground, this building is fully curtained in glass walls to offer a 360 degree view over Nanjing.

No.6 Shenzhen KK 100 深圳京基100

441 meters

KK 100 [Image Credit: Xinhua]
 The 100-floor KK 100, located in Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is the 11th tallest building in the world. The tower’s 9.5:1 height-width ratio makes it China’s slimmest skyscraper.

No.7 Guangzhou West Tower 广州西塔 

437 meters

Guangzhou West Tower [Image Credit:]
 Guangzhou West Tower stands in the Central Business District (CBD) of the Zhujiang New Town. The world’s 12th tallest building, its main tower has 103 floors.

No.8 Wuhan center 武汉中心大厦

438 meters

Wuhan center [Image Credit:]
Wuhan Center is located in the Wangjiadun CBD of Wuhan. With 88 floors, the tower is the first 400 meter-plus skyscraper in central China. Wuhan Center also adopted leading energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies, setting the bar high for green buildings.

No.9 Shanghai Jinmao Tower 上海金茂大厦

420 meters

Jinmao Tower [Image Credit:]
Jinmao Tower is an 88-floor skyscraper located in the Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone, Pudong New Area, right next to such Shanghai landmarks as the Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠塔), Shanghai World Finance Center (上海环球金融中心) and Shanghai Center Tower (上海中心大厦). Overlooking the Bund in Puxi across the Huangpu River, Jinmao Tower is a famous tourist attraction in Shanghai, as well as a landmark in its own right.

No.10 Hong Kong International Finance Center 香港国际金融中心

415 meters

Hong Kong International Finance Center [Image Credit:]
Hong Kong IFC is a landmark of Hong Kong—a world class finance center. The building is situated at No. 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbor (维多利亚港). With 88 floors, it is Hong Kong’s second tallest and the world’s 20th tallest building.

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