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Natural Attractions / Trip Ideas

China’s Snow Town

By Linting Hou

December 30

White snow, red lanterns and blue skies make Shuangfeng Forest Farm a very attractive place in winter.

White snow, red lanterns and blue skies make Shuangfeng Forest Farm a very attractive place in winter.

Shuangfeng Forest Farm, China’s Snow Town, is located in Mudanjiang city, Heilongjiang Province, at the north end of China. In winter, heavy snow covers everything and makes the farm a white wonderland. In spite of the cold weather, the beautiful snow scenery attracts more than 500 thousand tourists annually. Here are three must-visit spots.

1.Yangcao Mountain

Yangcao Mountain [Image Credit: Wanchang]
Yangcao Mountain is located on the northwest corner of Snow Town. With a height of 1,200 meters, it is the highest mountain in this area and a great place to watch the sunrise. Hiking up the mountain is the best way to enjoy the beautiful snow scenery and a good opportunity to escape from the busy world. Treading on the soft snow and breathing in the cool air is utterly refreshing. You can also take a snowmobile or get into a horse-drawn sled.

2.Xueyun Street

Xueyun Street [Image Credit: VCG]
This 500-meter-long street is always bustling at night. It is located at the town center and lined by grocery stores, restaurants, theaters and hotels. There are a lot of snacks, including ice stick, Bing Tang Hulu (sugar-coated hawthorn on a stick) and kebabs. In addition, you can buy mushrooms and nuts handpicked by locals.

3.Meng Huan Jia Yuan

snow town
Meng Huan Jia Yuan [Image Credit: Xiaochun]
Meng Huan Jia Yuan Studio, with its fascinating snowy scenery, is the most attractive spot in Snow Town and a must-visit place for photography enthusiasts. Tourists are also drawn to this area because several TV shows were shot here, including the popular reality show “Where Are We Going, Dad?” Covered by thick snow, the little wooden houses are transformed into white horses, rabbits, turtles and giant mushrooms. Moreover, the red lanterns hanging under the eaves complete a joyful and dreamlike atmosphere to the landscape.

Best time to visit: December – March

Entry: 95 yuan/person (Snow Town);

198 yuan/person (Meng Huan Jia Yuan)

Transport: Take a flight to Harbin or Mudanjiang airport, and then take a bus to Snow Town. You can also take a train to Mudanjiang City or Hailin City, then take a bus to Snow Town.

Opening hours: 5:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Snow Town);

7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Meng Huan Jia Yuan)

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