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Canopy tours: adventures through the jungle

By Teng Mu

August 18

Fly through the jungles like you’re in a James Cameron movie.

Fly through the jungles like you’re in a James Cameron movie.

Tired of city life and want to do something exciting?

What is it?

Imported from Costa Rica’s lush jungles, a canopy tour is an outdoor adventure activity popular in tropical forest areas and in many places in China. Originally just zip-lining, they now include  many other activities like canopy walks, sky-bridge walks, sky ladder climbing and abseiling.

Who take the challenge?

The tour attracts people of all shapes, ages and sizes. Different degrees of difficulty are available to suit all adventure-seekers.

Wire-walking [Image Credit:]
Wire-walking [Image Credit:]
How should you get prepared?

Wear comfortable clothes, sports shoes and sunscreen. Bring your camera but no other valuables. Before starting your adventure, you’ll be equipped with professional safety equipments.

What will you gain from the adventure?

Besides giving you an exciting experience in the forest, of which you’ll get a unique bird’s-eye view, canopy tours will put to test your problem-solving skills.

Wire-walking [Image Credit:]
Wire-walking [Image Credit:]
Where to go?

  1. Xishuangbanna Wild Forest Park, Yunnan (云南西双版纳原始森林公园)
  2. Sanya Tropical Forest Park, Hainan (海南三亚热带森林公园)
  3. Dayin Mountain, Zhejiang (The base will open this October) (浙江大荫山)
  4. Changsha Shiyan Lake Scenic Area, Hunan (湖南长沙石燕湖风景区)
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