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Natural Attractions / Trip Ideas

A deserted village escape at the Shengsi Islands

By Weiwei Guan

August 1

An abandoned village taken over by nature goes viral. See it for yourself.

An abandoned village taken over by nature goes viral. See it for yourself.

The leafy village at Shengsi Islands, Zhejiang Province. [Photos by Qing Jian]
Stunning images taken last year at a deserted fishing village on Shengshan Island (嵊山岛) of the Shengsi Islands (嵊泗列岛), Zhejiang have gone viral.

The village, built on a mountain and vulnerable to typhoons, made for an inconvenient spot to live, so more than twenty years ago the locals moved out, leaving a place almost no one would bother visiting.

Now, with vines sprawling around the houses and stone paths, one can’t help wondering what happened in this mysterious place.

How to get there?

Buy a combination bus and cruise ticket at the Nanpu Bridge (南浦大桥) Bus Station for 122 RMB.

The bus departs from Shanghai at 7:15 a.m., and arrives at Shenjiawan (沈家湾) at 9:15 a.m., where you have to transfer to the Gouqi Island cruise. Call this number for ticket availability: 021-33760978

After arriving at Gouqi Island, take a bus or taxi to Shengshan Island, the location of the the deserted village.

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