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Wuzhen: a place you will fall in love with

By Teng Mu

July 20

How can you resist the charm  of Wuzhen’s famous canals and history?

How can you resist the charm  of Wuzhen’s famous canals and history?

Wuzhen is located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang, and typically requires a two-day tour. Here’s our itinerary.

Day 1: Wuzhen East Scenic Zone 乌镇东栅

God Fortune Bay [Image Credit:]
God Fortune Bay [Image Credit:]
1/8 God Fortune Bay 财神湾

God Fortune Bay is an open gulf at the east end of East Gate Street. It was originally a place for boats to turn around. Here, you can watch what’s known as the “Bamboo Pole Performance on Boat” (高杆船表演).

2/8 Fengyuan Twin Bridge 逢源双桥

Offering the best view of the whole town, Fengyuan Twin Bridge is the most famous bridge among Wuzhen’s many.

3/8 Ancient Bed Museum 江南百床馆

The Ancient Bed Museum, the first beds museum in China, boasts of a varied range of ancient beds dating back to the Ming and  Qing  dynasties, as well as modern ones.

4/8 Hongyuantai Dyehouse 宏源泰染坊

Opened during the Song Dynasty, the Hongyuantai Dye House produced blue print cloth. Come and watch the whole traditional  dying process.

5/8 Wine Distillery Workshop 三白酒作坊

Wuzhen’s local specialty is Three White Liquor. Learn how it is brewed and have a taste.

6/8 The Former Residence of Mao Dun and Lizhi Academy 矛盾故居和立志书院

Mao Dun is a Chinese literary giant who lived in Wuzhen for many years. Lizhi Academy is where he studied.

7/8 The Ancient Stage 乌镇古戏台

The Ancient Stage hosts traditional operas and folk performances.

The Ancient Stage [Image Credit:]
The Ancient Stage [Image Credit:]
8/8 Huiyuan Pawnshop 汇源当铺

The ancient Huiyuan Pawnshop is now a historic site in Wuzhen.

Day 2: Wuzhen West Scenic Zone 乌镇西栅

Wuzhen West Scenic Zone [Image Credit:]
Wuzhen West Scenic Zone [Image Credit:]
1/6 Zhaoming Academy 昭明书院

Prince Zhaoming, the Crown Prince of the Liang Dynasty, was known for writing Wen Xuan, one of China’s most famous literary anthologies. Visit the place where he studied.

2/6 Wuzhen Post Office 乌镇老邮局

At one of the most popular attractions in Wuzhen, you can send post cards to friends and family.

3/6 Wuzhen Grand Theater 乌镇大戏院

If you are lucky enough to visit in October, make sure to check out the Wuzhen Drama Festival.

4/6 White Lotus Temple Tower 白莲塔寺

The highest structure in Wuzhen, this tower by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal offers a bird’s-eye view of the whole town.

5/6 General Wu Temple 乌将军庙

The temple commemorates General Wu of the Tang Dynasty who, as legend has it, gave Wuzhen its name.

6/6 Water market 水上集市

The water market is a unique feature of Wuzhen where people sell and buy things from their boats.

Water market [Image Credit:]
Water market [Image Credit:]
Best time to visit: All year round

Admissions: 100 yuan/person for East Scenic Zone; 120 yuan/person for West Scenic Zone; 150 yuan/person for coupon ticket.


  1. By high-speed rail: Take the high-speed train from Shanghai or Hangzhou to Tongxiang.
  2. By air: Take the plane to Shanghai or Hangzhou, and then go to Wuzhen by bus.
  3. By bus: Take the bus from Hangzhou to Wuzhen.

Opening Hours:

East Scenic Zone: DST(7:00-18:00); ST(7:00-17:30)

West Scenic Zone: DST(8:00-17:30); ST(8:00-17:00)

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