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A tour along Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway

By Linting Hou

January 13

Shanghai-Kunming high-speed line connects many tourist attractions in southern China, and makes your trips there convenient and comfortable.

Shanghai-Kunming high-speed line connects many tourist attractions in southern China, and makes your trips there convenient and comfortable.

Shanghai-Kunming high-speed line connects four major cities: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha and Kunming. On December 28, 2016, Guiyang-Kunming high-speed railway was put into use, marking the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed line going into full operation. This railway, lined by gorgeous and diversified landscapes, is called the most beautiful high-speed railway in China.

Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, 2,252 km long, is the longest east-west high-speed line in China. It crosses five provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and one municipality-Shanghai. The speed of the train is more than 300 km/h, shortening travel time from Shanghai to Kunming to 11 hours.

A train running on Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway [Image Credit: VCG]
Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway consists of three sections: Shanghai-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Changsha and Changsha-Kunming. The Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway was lauched in 2010 and six years later the last section was completed.

The first Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed intercity train pulling out of the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Oct. 26, 2010. [Image Credit: VCG]
From Shanghai to Kunming, the railway traverses five terrains, including deltas, plains, hilly regions, mountainous regions and plateaus, with the altitude rising from 4 m to about 2,000 m. Hundreds of bridges were built to as part of the railway, including Beipan River Grand Bridge, which has the longest span of its kind in the world.

Beipan River Grand Bridge [Image Credit: VCG]
Along this railway, there are many tourist attractions. In Shanghai, you could visit Disneyland, Xintiandi and the Bund to enjoy the modern city’s charm. Zhejiang boasts a rich cultural heritage, where Xitang ancient town, Wuzhen and West Lake are must-visit places. The nearest railway stations to those three places are Jiashan, Tongxiang and Hangzhoudong.

The Bund [Image Credit: Gang]
In Jiangxi, the top three destinations we recommend are Sanqing Mountain, Longhu Mountain and the Pavilion of Prince Teng. Get off the train at Shangrao, Yingtanbei and Nanchangxi if you fancy a visit there. In Hunan, Orange Isle, Lang Mountain and Wanfo Mountain are better known tourist destinations and your stations are at Changshanan, Shaoyangbei and Huaihuanan.

Sanqing Mountain [Image Credit: Jiajun]
Jiabang Terrace, Zhenyuan ancient town and Huangguoshu Waterfall are fantastic choices in Guizhou, and the nearest stations are Kailinan, Guiyangdong and Anshunxi. Getting off at Kunmingnan, the last station, you can visit Cuihu Park, Dianchi Lake and Stone Forest.

Huangguoshu Waterfall [Image Credit: Wenpeng]
Connecting so many tourist attractions and cutting down on your travel time, the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway is a wonderful way to travel in southern China.

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