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Top winter destinations for snow in China

By Weiwei Guan

April 25

When visiting China in the wintertime, what are some famous snow-covered spots worth travelling to?

When visiting China in the wintertime, what are some famous snow-covered spots worth travelling to?

When visiting China in the wintertime, what are some famous snow-covered spots worth travelling to?

1. “Arctic Village” in Mohe 漠河北极村

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
The “Arctic Village” is a small village in Mohe, Heilongjiang. It is the northernmost village in China, and the only point in the country where you can observe the northern lights.

Situated at northern latitude of over 50 degrees, Mohe is always covered in the snow after November every year.

In the “Arctic Village” you can look for the northernmost point of China along the Wusuli River, see the Aurora borealis, or simply send a postcard from the country’s northernmost post office.

2. Jingpo Lake 镜泊湖

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
Jingpo Lake, the largest lava-dammed lakein China, is located in Ningan, Heilongjiang Province. Every year the lake remains frozen for five months, and in the winter the river running into the lake turns into stunning frozen waterfalls.

The Winter Fishing Festival is held every year at the lake. A mysterious Manchu ceremony kicks of the event and includes animal worshiping and firecrackers to pay respect the God of the Lake. During the event, visitors can enjoy trawling, hand netting and ice fishing.

3. Wusong Island 雾凇岛

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
Situated along the Songhua River, Wusong Island is located in Wulajie, in Jilin City.

When winter comes, water vapor  forms into mist due to the coldness, covering willows along the two shores with glittering ice, known as “Wusong”.

The best time to visit Wusong Island is from the second half of December to the end of February. The best time of the day to take photos of the ice-covered trees is between 10 to 11 a.m. in the morning.

4. Kanas, Xinjiang 新疆喀纳斯

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
Kanas is located in Tielieketi Village, Aletai, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. As the most famous northwest village of China, Baihaba Village is known for its view of smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys. This scenery, along with the snowy forest, the frozen lake, and the ice-covered trees in Hualin, makes the stunning picture of Kanas. The winter here begins in October and lasts for more than half a year.

One can also experience the customs of the Tuvan people, the so-called “tribe in clouds”, by hearing  their musical instrument—a choor made with withered grass — or by watching their annual winter horse race.

5. Longji Rice Terraces 龙脊梯田

[Image Credit: by 牧马人]
[Image Credit: by 牧马人]
The Longji Rice Terraces are situated at Longji Town, Guangxi Autonomous Region, and have a roughly 800 year of history. The construction of the terraces began during the Yuan Dynasty, and was completed during the early Qing Dynasty.

Due to its sub-tropical climate the winter is short in Guangxi. The best time to see snow at the rice terraces is in January and February. With thick snow covering the rice terraces tier upon tier, the scenery is, as the Chinese saying goes, beautiful like dragons playing in the water.

6. Tibet 西藏

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
Here you can see the grandness of the Potala Palace, with ancient Buddhist temples in the background and yaks grazing in the field. Tibet is definitely another beautiful place to visit for a winter trip to China.

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