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Enjoy a multi-sensory experience in Shanghai

By Dianshi Yuan

July 19

Shanghai, a city that radiates charm in every corner, is one of the most dynamic in China.

Shanghai, a city that radiates charm in every corner, is one of the most dynamic in China.

On the west Pacific shore, Shanghai is a blend of both an ancient and modern world.

Where is ancient Shanghai?

Shanghai, the largest international metropolis in China, has a profound cultural foundation and numerous historic sites. Its rich cultural connotations are embodied in its people, layout, and architecture.

Yu Garden [Image Credit: Yuanpan]
Yuyuan Garden [Image Credit: Yuanpan]
Adjacent to Chenghuangmiao (城隍庙), a Ming Dynasty Taoist Temple, Yu Garden is an exquisite classical garden reputed as the oasis of Shanghai, and features the unique architectural styles of southern China.

Where is modern Shanghai?

Along Huangpu River, the mother of Shanghai, the Bund and Lujiazuiand Oriental Pearl TV Tower compose of a modern city landscape.

The Bund [Image Credit: Gang]
The Bund [Image Credit: Gang]
Acclaimed as an outdoor museum of international architecture featuring classic Gothic and Baroque buildings, the Bund demonstrates the city’s remarkable ability to embrace foreign cultures. In the evening, neon lights create an impressive night vista.

Where to see a busy Shanghai?

Visiting Shanghai, an international trade and financial center, you will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by its hustle and bustle.

Wujiaochang[Image Credit: Xuehua]
Wujiaochang, one of Shanghai’s top ten commercial centers [Image Credit: Xuehua]
Lujiazui is one of China’s leading financial highlights, with Wujiaochang being one of Shanghai’s top ten commercial centers. Home to a myriad of financial offices and shopping venues, this area offers a full range of modern high-end services for both locals and visitors.

Where to relax in Shanghai?

Xintiandi [Image Credit: Hui]
Old alley in Xintiandi [Image Credit: Hui]
With its old bricks, antiquated doors and windows, Xintiandi has been turned into a paradise for sightseeing, shopping, dining and entertainment. Traditional homes, imbued with culture and history, take you back to the 1920s.

European style Hengshan Road is Shanghai’s largest bar zone and one of the most visited areas in the city.

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