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A taste of China
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Try traditional Changsha snacks on Pozi Street

By Dianshi Yuan

October 11

Pozi Street, a traditional food street, shows the taste of Changsha.

Pozi Street, a traditional food street, shows the taste of Changsha.

With a history spanning hundreds of years, Pozi Street in Changsha has traditional buildings with both old and modern restaurants.

1. Black Classic Stinky Tofu 黑色经典臭豆腐

Stinky Tofu Changsha
Stinky Tofu [Image Credit: VCG]
One famous chain restaurant on Pozi Street, Black Classic Stinky Tofu, creates a pungent smell that permeates the whole street. Traditional stinky tofu is fermented by soaking fresh tofu in fermented milk brine, which produces a sharp odor. However, it remains popularity among both locals and visitors because of its delicious taste. Some believe fermented foods contain more protein and contain beneficial bacteria.

2. Old Changsha Stir-fry Spicy Shrimp 老长沙龙虾

Kouwei Xia Changsha
Kouwei Xia (Stir-fry Spicy Shrimp)[Image Credit: VCG]
Changsha is a great city for chili lovers as most of its dishes are chili-based. Kouwei Xia (Stir-fry Spicy Shrimp), which are very similar to crawfish, are cooked with chili, garlic, ginger, coriander, fennel, and other seasonings. Lightly boiled and stir fried with cooking wine, the shrimp become red and delicious.

3. Huogong Palace Top Snacks火宫殿八大小吃

Top snacks in Huogong Palace[Image Credit: VCG]
The eye-catching Huogong Palace in the central part of Pozi Street was originally a temple to worship a fire deity. Now, as a famous spot to try Changsha cuisine, it offers eight traditional snacks, which include one of Chairman Mao’s favorites —the stinky tofu.

3Yangyuxing Noodles 杨裕兴面馆

Yangyuxing Noodles [Image Credit:]
Yangyuxing Noodles [Image Credit:]
Yangyuxing is another old brand in Changsha. Its noodles are served in pig bone or chicken broth. Loved by locals, Hunan rice noodles are a mixture of rice flour, special condiments, and indigents including minced beef, minced pork, garlic, onion, and chili.

4. Deyuan Steamed Buns 德园包子

Steamed Buns [Image Credit:]
First made in the Guangxu Period of the Qing Dynasty, Deyuan buns are made from fermented dough filled with either a sweet stuffing made of candies or a meat stuffing is made from pork and dried vegetables.

5. Xiangqun Pot Sticker 向群锅饺

Xiangqun Pot Sticker [Image Credit: VCG]
Xiangqun Pot Sticker [Image Credit: VCG]
Xiangqun Pot Sticker dates back to the first half of the 20th Century. Pot stickers are steamed dumplings which are pan-fried, making them both soft and crispy.

6. Laojie Fish Mouth 老街鱼嘴巴

Laojie Fish Mouth [Image Credit:]
Laojie Fish Mouth [Image Credit:]
Located beside Dongting Lake, Changsha has an abundance of fish that makes seafood dishes, like those served at Laojie Fish Mouth, possible. Fish mouths are its specialty, which are fried in oil and stewed with chili and garlic. Salty and oily, they go great with rice.

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