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Top 6 Guangzhou snacks

By Zhiyu Wang

January 10

Guangzhou cuisine, a branch of Guangdong cuisine, is fresh, a bit sweet and tries to retain high nutrition.

Guangzhou cuisine, a branch of Guangdong cuisine, is fresh, a bit sweet and tries to retain high nutrition.

As one of the eight regional cuisines in China, Guangdong cuisine is unique in the use of raw materials, cooking methods, and flavorings. The capital of Guangdong, Guangzhou is famous for its food, and there are six things we recommend for you to taste in Guangzhou.

6. Ginger Milk Curd

Ginger Milk Curd [Image Credit:]
Ginger Milk Curd, also known as Ginger Milk Pudding, is a hot dessert that originated in Guangzhou. The main ingredients are ginger, milk and sugar. The milk should be boiled and then sugar should be added and dissolved. Once the milk and sugar reach the optimal curding temperature of 70 °C, you can add the ginger juice.   Using the juice of old ginger makes it easier for the milk to curd. It tastes tender and sweet, and most importantly, it is nutritional and good for keeping the body warm.

5. Turnip Cake

Turnip Cake [Image Credit:]
Turnip Cake is a Chinese dim sum made of shredded Chinese radish and plain rice flour. It is usually cut into rectangular slices and sometimes pan-fried before serving. Each pan-fried cake has a thin crunchy layer on the outside from being fried and a soft inside. It is also commonly eaten during Chinese New Year, since radish (Caitou) is a homophone of good fortune.

4. Wonton Noodles

Wonton Noodles [Image Credit: VCG]
Wonton Noodles are a Cantonese noodle dish which is popular in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The dish is usually served in a hot broth, garnished with leafy vegetables and wonton dumplings. A well-prepared soup boiled with chicken or pork bones is the secret of the most authentic wonton noodles. The filling of wonton dumplings contains prawns, chicken or pork and spring onions, with some chefs adding mushroom and black fungus.

Tasting guide: Baohua Noodle Restaurant (宝华面店) serves the most authentic wonton noodles in Guangzhou.

3. Rice Noodle Rolls

Rice Noodle Rolls [Image Credit:]
The wrap around Rice Noodle Rolls, also called Changfen in Chinese, is made from rice. It is then mixed and steamed in a drawer-shaped container, and meat, eggs, ham and vegetables are added. Once finished, the whole thing is cut and made into rolls, and seasoned soy sauce is added over the dish upon serving. Very soft and glutinous, it is called Changfen in Chinese because the noodle is rolled tightly and resembles the small intestine of a pig.

Tasting guide: Yinji Changfen (银记肠粉) is famous for its rice noodle rolls in Guangzhou.

2. Shrimp Dumpling

Shrimp Dumplings [Image Credit: VCG]
Shrimp Dumplings are transparent and smooth. Traditionally, this dish contains a very complex preparation process and needs precise timing. It should have at least seven pleats imprinted on its wrapper. The skin must be thin and translucent, yet sturdy enough not to break when picked up with chopsticks. It is best to eat shrimp dumplings immediately after they are served.

Tasting guide: Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家) serves the best shrimp dumplings in Guangzhou.

1. Steamed Bun Stuffed with Barbecued Roast pork

Guangzhou food
Steamed Bun Stuffed with Barbecued Roast Pork [Image Credit: VCG]
Steamed Bun Stuffed with Barbecued Roast Pork,or Chashao Bao in Chinese, is a long-standing snack of Guangdong. Tasting soft and sweet, the biggest difference in shape between Chashao Bao and ordinary steamed stuffed buns is the former cracks open in the top. As one of the four traditional snacks for breakfast in Guangdong, Chashao Bun is a must-try on your trip.

Tasting guide: Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家) has the top-rated Steamed Bun Stuffed with Barbecued Roast Pork in Guangzhou.

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