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Best things to eat in Xiamen

By Minjun Xu

August 29

Xiamen cuisine is fresh, a bit spicy, and tries to retain the original flavor of its ingredients.

Xiamen cuisine is fresh, a bit spicy, and tries to retain the original flavor of its ingredients.

On the southeast coast of China, Xiamen boasts various kinds of seafood-heavy dishes.

1. Oyster omelet 牡蛎煎

Muli jian [Image Credit: cfp]
Muli jian [Image Credit: cfp]
Oyster omelet, also called as Muli jian (牡蛎煎) in Chinese, is an omelet made with oysters and vegetables that can usually be found at night markets.  It is topped with potato starch and special sauces.

Tasting guide: Kangjia Longtou (康家龙头), a street stand on Longtou Road, makes authentic Xiamen oyster omelet.

2. Satay noodles 沙茶面

Satay noodles [Image Credit:]
Satay noodles [Image Credit:]
Satay sauce, a type of Indonesian peanut sauce, is the key to a perfect bowl of satay noodles. Soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chili, brill fish, and dried shrimp are the main ingredients.

Tasting guide: Although found in most Xiamen noodle restaurants, we recommend the famous Wutang Satay Noodles (乌糖沙茶面) on Minzu Road for this dish.

3. Tusun dong 土笋冻

Tusun dong [Image Credit:]
Tusun dong [Image Credit:]
Tusun are a type of worm found in seaside mud flats. They are boiled then cooled and frozen into jelly. Soy sauce, spiced vinegar, chili paste and wasabi are all good condiments.

Tasting guide: Ximen Tusun Dong (西门土笋冻) on Douxi Road has the top-rated tusun dong in Xiamen.

4. Peanut soup 花生汤

Peanut soup [Image Credit: cfp]
Peanut soup [Image Credit: cfp]
Peanut soup has just two ingredients: peanuts, which have to be peeled, soaked, and stewed, and sugar, which is then added. Do as the locals and match the soup with deep-fried dough sticks for breakfast

Tasting guide: Huang Zehe Peanut Soup Restaurant (黄则和花生汤) on Zhongshan Road serves the best peanut soup in authentic Xiamen style.

5. Misua hu 面线糊

Misua hu [Image Credit: cfp]
Misua hu [Image Credit: cfp]
Misua hu, another local breakfast staple, is made of very thin, salted noodles in savory soup and potato starch. Like many other dishes in Xiamen, misua hu contains various seafood including oysters, shrimp, and razor clams. Duck or pig blood tofu are also common additions.

Tasting guide: Hit the Shuanghong Snack Store (双宏小吃店) on the corner of Douzaiwei Road and South Hubin Road. With a history over 20 years, it’s one of the most popular snack shops in Xiamen.

6. Xiamen-style Spring roll 厦门春卷

Xiamen-style Spring Pancake [Image Credit: cfp]
Xiamen-style Spring Pancake [Image Credit: cfp]
Spring rolls are called Bo Bing (薄饼) in Xiamen and are especially popular  during the spring festival. The Xiamen-style spring roll contains carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, meat and seafood wrapped in a baked pancake. Take a bite of this roll with whichever sauce you want (we recommend plum or chili).

Tasting guide: We recommend A Qing Spring Roll (阿卿春卷) at the entrance of Jukou Street near Zhongshan Road.

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