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About chopsticks

Chopsticks are a unique kind of tableware invented in ancient China . For westerners used to knives and forks, they might be difficult to use  at first. However, once one can manage using chopsticks, they will bring much convenience while eating.

It has been more than 3,000 years since Chinese people started to use chopsticks. A legend says Great Yu once tried to control a flood and passed by his home three times, each time without stepping inside. He had meals in the fields but his soup was too hot to put his hands, so he used branches to pick the meat and rice. Thus chopsticks were invented. Even though this is not the official history, it seems to be a reasonable legend.

Many countries in the world are influenced by China. In Asian countries like Korea and Japan, chopsticks are commonly used as eating utensils. Along with the wide spread of Chinese cuisine, an increasing number of westerners have learned to use them as well. Before Nixon’s visit to China in 1973, the American president famously made full preparations in Chinese culture, including the use of chopsticks.

The word “chopstick” also has a lot of traditional cultural connotations. As a Chinese saying goes, one chopstick can be broken easily but ten together will stay as solid as iron. It means, people who are weak individually can become strong if they are united.

As we have learned so much about chopsticks, let’s start learning how to use them correctly!

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